Our Story

When a writer sits before the fearsome blinking cursor, she is never exactly sure where the newest journey is about to take her. The experience is always exciting, often fearful, and occasionally, the Lord grants such a kindness that the cursor becomes her ally and faithful companion to bring others into the world on the page before her.

This is what happened with the Women's Hope Project leadership team. Separately, we each joined a team of like-minded women to produce a collaborative blog for our first adventure with Glory Books Ministry. As we read each other’s stories through the articles we each shared, we began to become more than just colleagues. We formed a bond. As Glory Books entered a new phase of ministry, it was clear to us that we weren’t finished yet.

Women's Hope Project exists to support women as they minister generationally to each other within their local church. Each of us has known the great value of sharing community with women of all ages locally and we are burdened to help other women enjoy the unparalleled joy of local church ministry.

We made some pretty dumb decisions when we were younger and we bet we'll make still more. That's part of the journey of progressive sanctification. But the hope offered in Christ is sure and steadfast. Our hope is securely anchored on Him (Hebrews 6:19).

We all have a story – a testimony of the faithfulness of our God. What’s yours? Grab a cup of coffee – or Diet Dr. Pepper – and join us as we strive to learn how to be better disciples of Christ. Then faithfully bring other women along on the journey. Reach out to us through our social media buttons or our contact page and join the conversation.