Find Out More On... {July 24}

Each week, Jess Pickowicz, our resident curation genius, brings us the best of the blogosphere for Christian women. Here are Jess' top picks from last week, collected in one convenient post.

Interview with Marty Machowski

Writing Great Books for Kids (and Reading Great Books To Kids) I was so excited to see and read this interview from Tim Challies this week! If you have kids (or even if you don't), and don't yet know the literature of Marty Machowski, click here. You will be blessed!

Science Behind Caffeine

I know how much the gals over here at Women's Hope love their java! Can't say I wasn't thinking of them when I snagged this video. Yep, this video is about all about our favorite beverage and its effects.

Superstitious Christian

Raised in an Irish-Catholic family, I carried a backpack full of superstitions I've unloaded along the way. This article, Don't Be a Superstitious Christian, from Scott Redd was a good reminder.  You may also be interested in this article series,  Portraits of Superstition.

Celebrating R.C. Sproul (Belated)

It's likely that you've seen this by now, but it's worth watching again! What a tribute! R.C. Sproul Through the Years. So thankful for his ministry.

Bible Study Mistakes

7 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Studying the Bible "There are many methods to Bible study, some good and some not so good. And if you are studying the Bible incorrectly, you could be making a major mistake in your interpretation, application, and theology."

David Murray Book Review

Here is a book review of David Murray's latest book, Reset. I'm going to order this book for my pastor/writer husband and then steal it back! It looks so very helpful. And I love this quote from Daniel Patterson, "Not only is Reset an excellent book, but it’s also among the most-needed books I’ve seen in several years. Ministry is difficult in any age, but devices, distractions, and demands are omnipresent in our increasingly digital society. More still, these same societal pressures and digital tools can be intoxicating, demanding our attention while at the same time atrophying our ability to focus on the most meaningful work we’re called to do."

Learning to Love the Psalms

Last week, Renewing Your Mind began a series titled Learning to Love the Psalms. I have been enjoying this series immensely. Here is the first audio in the series, The Psalms: Attractions & Difficulties "W. Robert Godfrey begins a new series on one of the greatest treasures the Lord has given to His people-the Psalms." (26 minutes)