Find Out More On... {July 31}

Each week, Jess Pickowicz, our resident curation genius, brings us the best of the blogosphere for Christian women. Here are Jess' top picks from last week, collected in one convenient post.

The Gospel is Like an Old Hymn

I love when ministries and blogs post excerpts from books. Here is a beautiful excerpt from Jared Wilson's The Imperfect Disciple. I'm not even going to share a quote because I really want you to click the link and read the whole thing. It will bless you!

A Screwtape Letter

Destroy Her with Discontent is a clever yet chilling nod to The Screwtape Letters from author Rebekah Merkle.

Raw Material for Leadership

I love this post, Peter: Raw Material For Leadership, adapted from John MacArthur's Twelve Ordinary Men (book and study.) "Are great leaders born or made? Peter is a strong argument for both. Without the Lord's discipleship and tutelage, he never would have been more than a fisherman. But true leaders also require certain innate gifts—think of it as the raw material of leadership."

New Scripture Writing Plan

A Narrow-Minded Woman's Scripture Writing Plan for August is now out. She changed it up a bit, and I really love all the resources Kristy has added. Looks like, however, that you now have to join the Facebook group or sign up for the newsletter in order to access the writing plan documents. 

On Bitterness in the Church

I appreciated this podcast from Sheologians this past week, and could relate to Joy's perspective. Bitter Betty's "Joy answers why she thinks bitterness is one of the biggest problems facing women in the church today, and what we should do about it. Then they discuss their Feminist of the Week."