Find Out More On... {September 18}

Each week, Jess Pickowicz, our resident curation genius, brings us the best of the blogosphere for Christian women. Here are Jess' top picks from last week, collected in one convenient post.

Treasuring Motherhood

This is such an encouraging article from GraceAnna Castleberry. Read it mama-sisters. This is salve for your weary souls! Treasuring Motherhood When I Fail: "There are so many standards set for us as women and as mothers. We can barely meet our own high standards, much less someone else’s. I’m not saying don’t set them, do! But the moment I think that meeting a standard makes me a good mom, I’ve made motherhood all about me. I’ve declared that my identity is wrapped up in my achievements. And I’ve created a giant obstacle that has my name written all over it."

Reformation Doctrine

Abigail Dodds has put out a Reformation study, Reformation Doctrine: A Study of the Scripture that Endured the Dark Ages to Shape the Church and Water the World. This looks like it's going to be great! "... I will begin teaching through a Bible study called Reformation Doctrine. I wrote it to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and it has been a big and joyful undertaking for me. I wanted to make it available to those who can’t physically be at the study and any who just might be really interested in this topic."

Soul-Care of the Reformers

Take some time to read this excellent essay from Stuart Scott, More than Preachers: The Solas and Soul-Care of the Reformers (Part 1). You will be blessed! "Clearly the passion of the reformers to truly pastor God’s people grew out of their knowledge of the ministry of Christ and His shepherds that had gone before them. Let us look at some of the reformers we have mentioned and their documented commitment to soul-care."

The Duty of Devotion

This is a powerful article from Tim Challies. "Even as true Christians, we face the danger of interpreting our standing with God through our diligence in devotions. We can measure our obedience and our walk with God solely by how often we devote time to Scripture and prayer and how we feel about the time spent. This can lock us into a pattern of depending on our works to be right with God, of thinking that our standing before God depends upon our performance. Jerry Bridges reminds us, 'Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God’s grace. And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the need of God’s grace.' We must never forget that the duty of our devotion is founded in Christ’s initiating devotion toward us on the cross."

Productive Boredom

Equipping Eve Episode 63: Exposition for Women and Productive Boredom "Can boredom be productive? Are being bored and being idle the same thing? Also: Erin discusses how the Bible is filled with women who were students of the Word. What does this mean for us today as women of the Word living in the world?" (33 minutes)