Hermeneutics of the Biblical Writers by Abner Chou | a Review

It was over 5 years ago I had the blessing of first hearing Abner Chou preach. I was in greater awe of my God that Lord’s Day and I quickly understood why God was using him mightily to make an impact on today’s generation.  Five years later, when invited to review his academic book, The Hermeneutics of the Biblical Writers, by Kregel Publications, I knew I must take the plunge. 

Over the last month, I have had both the challenge and blessing of jumping into the theological deep waters of hermeneutics through this read. While I at times felt I was just keeping my head above water, I knew it was important for me to continue. Abner’s statement in the first chapter was my life vest as I treaded further into the book: 

Our thinking about hermeneutics does not just stay in the realm of academia but ultimately shapes how we live and whether or not we please God. What is at stake when we study hermeneutics? Simply put, it is our entire Christ life and ministry.
— Abner Chou
Hermeneutics of the Biblical Writers Abner Chou

This exhortation was the challenge I needed to keep my head above water as I doggy paddled through the writing of a theological Olympian. As a woman who is constantly challenging women to know God better through their study of the Word, this book took me to another level of thought on how Scripture is to be rightly interpreted.  

Chapters 6 and 7 will be such a blessing to you as you see how the New Testament authors carefully and faithfully used the Old Testament to continue the same reasoning as their predecessors.  Seeing the historical hermeneutical method played out so beautifully and purposefully, rather than some random form of interpretation, will bring you to a greater love for the Scriptures and worship of the God who orchestrated and inspired with divine intentionality.  

Chou also ends his book with a warning about “trajectory hermeneutics” seen rampant in the so-called church today. It was filled with such wise counsel that is much needed in our day.  Be sure to pick up your copy and be ready for an enriching challenge (and if you are like me, you may want a pair of floaties to go with it)! 

In a day when Andy Stanley is telling us to “unhitch” from the Old Testament, I am so grateful for Abner Chou showing the value and validity of the whole counsel of God when it comes to not just interpreting Scripture well, but also our wholehearted obedience to the Scripture:

The question is not how the Bible is relevant to us; the question God will ask is whether or not we were relevant to the Bible.
— Abner Chou