Ep. 45: The First Pancake

Do you throw out the first pancake to get the griddle heat just right? Unlike that first pancake, you might want to hang on to this episode on a woman's identity in Christ rather than her roles. At the very least, see if you can tell the Kims apart.

5:00 Whose we are needs to define us rather than what we're doing. 


5:57 If we make motherhood and marriage the end-all-beat-all calling for a woman, where does it leave us an opportunity to minister to our single sisters?

6:54 Colossians 2:12-14

8:40 What do we as women tend to find our identity in instead of Christ?

11:10 Mommy wars begin because we are so dissatisfied with our circumstances that someone else becomes our enemy rather than our own flesh

12:15 Is it wrong to find joy in our roles?

16:45 Thinking that you are enough will always disappoint you

18:44 Luke 10

25:00 What is femininity anyway?