Ep. 46: Pray Like You Mean It

Christians have direct access to the One True God through prayer. What constitutes an effective prayer life? This question has left many believers confused and often frustrated because they feel like they aren't getting it right. What makes prayer so important? What are the elements of good prayers? What kind of prayers should we pray? Who is to be the focus of our prayers? We'll tackle these questions for you while you clean the toilet. 

Show Notes


7:17 What part of your Christian walk do you want to be more mature in 10 years from now?

8:15 In the great majority of books written, and in sermons preached upon prayer, human element fills the scene almost entirely. It is the conditions we meet, the promises we must claim, the things we must do in order to get our requests granted, and God's claim, God's right, and God's glory are often disregarded. A.W. Pink

9:30 What is prayer?

9:40 Where do we begin with our prayer walk?

10:00 Genesis 1:26 - The Trinity as an example of communication

11:18 John 11:41-42 - Christology in prayer

14:17 Hebrews 4:25

17:50 Hebrews 10:19-22

19:10 Romans 8:15

20:50 2 Samuel 7:18-29

21:15 What does it mean to pray in faith?

22:40 Authentic prayer is going to be an expression of our faith based on the gospel.

23:52 1 Timothy 2:1

24:22 Acts 1:14

24:34 Acts 2:42

24:54 Philippians 4:6

25:30 Ephesians 6:18

26:10 What is a supplication?

27:35 Acts 13:2-3

29:34 Who are we to pray for?

29:44 James 5:16

29:53 Matthew 5:44

31:24 Personal prayer habits that can help you become more dependent on the Lord

32:24 Psalm 119:68

33:45 Whoever begins to pray the Psalms earnestly and regularly will soon take leave of those little light and devotional prayers and say, "Ah! there is not the juice, the strength, the passion, the fire that you find in the Psalms. Everything else tastes cold and hard." Martin Luther

35:40 Nothing in the world is more important than stopping to pray when the Lord draws you into prayer.