Ep. 49: Biblical Mentorship with Ellen Castillo

Ellen Castillo is the founder of Word of Hope Ministries and biblicalmentor.com and a certified biblical counselor with IABC. We talked with Ellen about her passion for generational ministry in the pattern of the whole context of Titus Chapter 2. Listen as we discuss how to develop intentional mentorship relationships with the women in your local church and sphere of influence.

More About Ellen

Ellen Castillo has been gifted to teach practical theology, equipping the next generation of Christians in the application of biblical counseling and mentoring. This gift has been developed in part by her prior experience as an Occupational Therapist in psychiatric settings working with a variety of ages and diagnosis. She then spent many years raising children (biological and adopted foster children) and was the Homeschool Support Group Leader for the county she lived in at the time. In that context, her blend of counseling and leadership experience plus a heart to mentor younger women was enhanced. She was later trained as a Certified Biblical Counselor by the International Association of Biblical Counselors. She has worked as a Women’s Counselor in the context of her local church ministry, and most recently as the Founder and Director of Word Of Hope Ministries.

Ellen is also a Council Board Member with the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

Ellen has written and published a Biblical Mentor training course called Life On Life, Applying the One-Anothers of Scripture. She teaches this course at various church sites locally, and offers an online format as well.