Ep 51: Winning Him Without a Word - From Convicted Felon to Redeemed Saint

Kevin Laymon joins us on today's episode to share his remarkable testimony from a husband's perspective on the effectiveness of 1 Peter 3:1. Once a convicted felon with a Bible degree, Kevin's wife chose to lovingly, patiently bear with an unbelieving spouse while God graciously used her witness to bring him to salvation. This is a "don't miss" episode. Grab your tissues.

Kevin Laymon is a dear friend of the ministry. In fact, he’s the reason we are producing a podcast today. He was our original producer and he encouraged us and worked with us when we had no idea what a podcast even was. 

But Kevin also has an amazing testimony of redemption that many aren’t yet aware of because he’s been a behind-the-scenes guy up to now. We want to bring this story to you of a life that was “wrecked and rebuilt” by God. You can find Kevin's full bio on his site at kevinlaymon.com