Ep. 68: How to Study the Bible | Galatians Bible Study Series No. 1

The Kims are back from hibernation with an intro to the new WHP Bible Study on Galatians. We discuss our preferred method of Bible study and give some hot tips on how to keep your focus on the Lord rather than yourself while you study Scripture. Plus, we share a really useful Resource of the Week to aid in teaching your kids sound theology.

Show Notes

5:30 Why study Scripture in depth? 

10:40 Four I's of Bible Study

12:00 Focusing on the Attributes of God when studying Scripture

15:14 Some of God's character revealed throughout Galatians
         Chapter 1 - Jesus as Lord, God as Father
         Chapter 2 - God's fairness by not showing favoritism
         Chapter 4 - The Sonship of Christ
         Chapter 5 - Fruit of the Spirit (See also WHP Episodes 60 - 67)

Scripture References and Recommended Resources

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Little Pilgrims Theology

Ezra 7:10
Acts 17:11
Psalm 119:33-36
Psalm 20:7
Matthew 6:9-13

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