Ep. 74: Christian Liberty | Galatians Bible Study Series No. 7

Christian liberty is one of those grey areas that are uncomfortable for us to talk about. We prefer neatly drawn lines and defined boundaries. While God gives us plenty of clear instructions in Scripture about how to go about our Christian living, there are some areas where He leaves us to a more nuanced, dare we say - Spirit-led - existence. It's in this grey areas that we tend to get crippled with the most fear, so we resort to placing our confused selves back under the law. Listen as the Kims wrestle through this topic and provide some practical litmus tests to determining your own Christian liberties. 

Christian Liberty Navigating Grey Areas

Show Notes

6:00 Galatians Lesson 6 homework recap

8:00 Adoption as sons (and daughters!)

10:10 Christian liberty

19:40 Being patient with those who aren't as grown as you expect them to be

Scripture References and Resources

Galatians 4:3-7
Romans 6:1-2, 6-7, 14
Romans 14:1-2, 15, 19