Ep. 83: The Real Root of Racism with Darrell Harrison | Relate Series No. 7

The Real Root of Racism with Darrell Harrison

Is racism a societal problem that needs to be fixed, or is there a deeper root to address? How can the Gospel equalize our efforts in the area of race? Darrell Harrison joins us to share his thoughts on how the evangelical church is handling the subject of racism from a wholly biblical perspective. 

Scripture References and Other Resources

Mark 7:15
1 Corinthians 4:7
Acts 17:26
Luke 6:46
Revelation 7:9
Exodus 3
Ecclesiastes 7:14
2 Peter 3:13

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Darrell Harrison

About Darrell...

Darrell is the lead host of the Just Thinking podcast. Darrell also writes at justthinking.me  In both the podcast and the blog, he strives to apply biblical truth to social, cultural, political and theological issues in our world. He also holds a degree in Biblical Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary as well as a degree in Christian Counseling from Liberty University.