Ep. 85: Biblical Counseling with Ellen Castillo | Relate Series No. 9

Biblical Counseling with Ellen Castillo

Biblical counseling benefits every church member. In contrast to institutionalized, disconnected forms of therapeutic psychology, biblical counseling simply brings the Gospel to bear in the everyday lives of church members. Ellen Castillo joins us on today's episode to discuss how every church member thrives in a church that embraces the discipleship model of biblical counseling. 

Ellen Castillo

About Ellen

Ellen Castillo is the Executive Director of Word of Hope Ministries, Inc. located on the Central Coast of California and @wordofhopeministries.com. She is a Certified Biblical Counselor with IABC and Word of Hope Ministries is an IABC training center. Ellen counsels and trains all ages, but has a particular passion for intergenerational ministry. She has been gifted to teach practical theology, equipping the next generation of Christians in the application of biblical counseling and mentoring.