Ep. 87: Family Discipleship with Little Pilgrims Theology | Relate Series No. 11

Family Discipleship with Little Pilgrims Theology

Do you long for a thriving family discipleship time, but don't know where to start? Or maybe you have an established routine but are looking for some fresh ideas to use with your family. Brandon and Jeannette Mills have created Little Pilgrims Theology, an app-driven theology training for your entire family. Listen as we discuss the importance of training your children in a sound understanding of theology.

Mills Family

About LPT...

Little Pilgrims Theology was born out of a void and a desire; the void being a nonexistent resource available that offers educators an avenue to teach the next level of theology to growing minds, and the desire to bring that resource to life for the glory of God. Our goal is to create, maintain, and continuously improve an edifying resource that challenges a wide range of learners in a way that is fun, memorable, and pleasing to God.